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Tuesday, April 29th 2014

2:32 PM

Poppy Fest

On Saturday, April 26, my parents and Ryan and I went to the California Poppy Festival at Lancaster City Park. It was quite windy but also blissfully cool. It had been hot at the fest over the last several years so getting to be at the fest with my jacket on the whole time was a wonderfully welcome experience.

After getting something to eat, Ryan hit the "bubble fun" area - you know, those hamster balls on water? Ryan loves those! He went twice in a row and a third time on the way out, in fact. I managed to pull him away for a bit so we could wander around. The fest is actually one of the best around. It's evolved into something quite nice. The layout is good and there's a lot to see and do. There was plenty of live music and the fest wasn't too crowded.

We made our way to the kid area where Ryan got to look at exotic animals, play on a bouncy shark, blow bubbles (you're never too old for bubbles!), and ride Bobette, a friendly dark brown camel. Ryan looked incredibly happy. I think I had just as much fun watching Ryan as he did riding Bobette.

My parents and Ryan and I shared some funnel cake (one with strawberries and whipped cream, one maple bacon cake with ice cream) before taking our leave of the fest. All in all it was a very enjoyable day.

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