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Monday, July 21st 2014

5:21 PM


  • Stuck In My Head: For some reason I've got Skylander's Empire of Ice Soundtrack on repeat.
  • Random: April 25th marked the one year anniversary of Joe coming into our home!

April was an eventful month - literally! In a nutshell, there was the Poppy Fest, the Merrell Down and Dirty mud run, Ryan's taekwondo tournament, and of course, Easter. But first...

The desert has a beauty that isn't always obvious - not the way a lush forest, field of flowers, or ocean vista is. The desert - specifically the High Desert (elevation 2600 feet, hence the name) where I live - has a beauty that only natives and long term residents immediately appreciate. For most people, it takes patience to see the High Desert's charms - and that patience is generally rewarded in the spring when the wildflowers bloom. Unfortunately, we don't always get enough precipitation in winter to get a really good display of spring wildflowers. In fact, this was the first year since 2008 that we got an decent display.

Springtime is when the Antelope Valley shines with temporarily green hillsides and the valley floor carpeted in a riot of bright orange poppies as well as wildflowers in contrasting shades of purple, yellow and white. At the beginning of April my parents and Ryan and I went out to the east side of the Antelope Valley to look at the wildflowers. It's funny because the flowers on the east side are different than those on the west. The east side featured purple, yellow and white flowers of varying hues while the poppies hung out on the west side. Below are a few photos my dad and I took during stops at Alpine Butte and Jack Rabbit Flat.

A few days later we went out to the west side of the valley to see the poppies.

On April 12th, Ryan had a taekwondo tournament. It was Yin's Gold Cup at College of the Canyons. Ryan did very well taking 2nd in poomsae (forms) and tied for first in sparring. It was a long day but a good one.

The next day was the crazy mud run I did. If you missed my post, you can read it here.

The following weekend was Easter. It had been several years since Ryan and I were at home for Easter. It was nice. We had a fun egg hunt in the back yard then went out for one more look at wildflowers. They are beautiful but fleeting so you have to take them in while you can. We drove to a slightly different part of the west side to see them (near Neenach). 

The next weekend was the Poppy Fest. Again, if you missed my post, click here.

That pretty much wraps up April. Oh, we did have a picnic at the Arches in Wrightwood and Ryan spent spring break with his dad. Below are some random pics from the month, including a photo of my mom's incredibly wonderful cheesecake! Enjoy!

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