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Saturday, July 26th 2014

2:41 PM


I never seem to realize just how busy we are until I look back at everything we've done over the course of a month. May is no exception. There was A LOT going on. Of course, whether or not it's interesting to anyone is another matter altogether. :)

We kicked off the first weekend of the month with a trip to the beach. 

Throughout the month Ryan had taekwondo class. He tested for and earned his green belt. The following are photos from class, testing, and getting his belt.


The following weekend (the 10th) we went to the beach again. We started off at Henry's (officially, "Arroyo Burro" or "Hendry's" only no one actually calls it by either of those names) but it was way too windy. We ended up back at our old haunt in Carpinteria. 

Throughout the month Ryan had school and guitar in addition to taekwondo. I had work and dance class. The weekend of the 17th we went to the Lilac Fest. Thursday the 22nd we had a wonderful thunder storm, which Ryan had to go be out in.

The next day my friend, Lanette, invited me and Ryan and my parents out to the Intermediate Space Challenge, which she was helping judge. It's out at the Mojave Airport and is basically a team rocket building competition for school aged kids. It was great to see Lanette and watching the rockets was fun! Later on in the day, Ryan had his last guitar class for the semester and there was a class party. That was fun.

The following week, my dad and Ryan and I went cherry picking. Cherry cobblers ensued. :) We tried a new recipe but decided we like the one we usually used best.

Somewhere in there Ryan and I joined JoAnna and her parents for the last part of the Jethawks game and for fireworks after. 

Also somehwere in the month of May JoAnna and I went for a walk on the aqua duct. It was a gorgeous night.

Below are photos from all those activities.


We capped off the month with another visit to the beach.


And that in a nutshell, was May. :)

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