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Wednesday, August 13th 2014

3:57 PM


  • Random: I can't believe in my post about Yosemite I forgot to mention Elmer!

Around dusk on our first evening in Yosemite, someone suddenly yelled, "Ellllllmmeeeerrr!!!!!" Before I could ask what the heck, I heard answering yells from all around the camping area. There were at least half a dozen cries of, "Elmer!" echoing around.

It turns out, yelling "Elmer" while camping in Yosemite is a tradition going back possibly to the 1960s. Depending on who you ask, Elmer is either a lost hiker or lost little boy. Some say Elmer was never found while others insist he was. Whatever the case, people still call out for him to this day.

Each night we were camping, someone at some point would call out for Elmer and other campers would always answer.

Anybody out there have their own Elmer stories? Please feel free to share!

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