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Thursday, August 14th 2014

1:47 PM


I always say things like this but seriously, can it be the middle of August already???

I guess that means it's time I posted about June. :)

June managed to be at once very busy and also sort of slow. The slow part was Ryan being done with school but me not being done with work. Looking back on it though, A: we really were quite busy and B: I don't think Ryan minded playing video games as much as he got to. :P

The beginning of June saw the beginning of taekwondo camp. Tuesday and Thursday mornings Ryan and other intrepid campers got to have fun doing taekwondo-related things for an hour. Campers got to do entertaining obstacle courses, simple tumbling, handled nunchucks, and got to break boards - all without the usual formality and structure of regular class. On Tuesdays after camp, there was a half hour introductory Korean language class. Ryan learned to spell his name in Korean and that is now his preferred signature.

With camp two days a week and regular taekwondo class three days a week, Ryan got plenty of physical activity in.

On Saturday, June 14th, JoAnna and I attended the Wine in the Pines event at Pine Mountain Club. It had been five years since the first time we went. (You can read about that experience here.) It was a lot of fun but it was definitely different than it was before. The weather was warmer and it seemed like there were fewer wineries participating this time around.

We were there in celebration of JoAnna's birthday and for her birthday, she got a truly incredible pink sombrero. It was certainly an attention getter! JoAnna got a lot of great comments on it. The hat was also fairly heavy, so I took over wearing it for a while so JoAnna's head and neck could have a break. :)

Overall it was a very relaxing time, wandering around sipping wine and munching nibbles. We also did a little shopping. (I picked up a cute blouse and a pair of sunglasses from a local boutique.) We ended the trip with an ice cream cone. Hopefully it won't be another five years before we go again!

The next day, my parents and Ryan and I hit the beach in celebration of Father's Day.

The following Monday and Tuesday evenings (the 16th and the 17th), my mom and Ryan and I went to the Fathom Events showing of Doctor Who episodes, "Rise of the Cybermen" and "Age of Steel." (There was an interview with David Tennant after the episodes.) The next night of the event was "Wings 3D," a special narrated by David Tennant. The footage was amazing and immersive, like nothing I'd ever seen before.

On Saturday, June 21st, Ryan and I celebrated the solstice with a fun day out with Theresa and Gillian. Gillian is a fan of Ugly Dolls so our afternoon started off with a visit to UglyCon. It was in an intimate venue at an art gallery in LA, which was really cool. In addition to all the Ugly Doll-related art, there was a 3D printer creating Ugly Doll figurines. Ugly Doll co-creator and artist David Horvath was there and it was interesting hearing him talk about Ugly Doll's genesis and history.

Outside the venue there was a table where you could make shrinky dinks (remember those!) and pin-on buttons. Ryan had fun doing that.

I had a bit of an odd experience while that was going on. I looked up the street and saw a woman wearing a silver sequined skirt. The sun was hitting it and it was shining and glittering like crazy. I looked away for a second to see how Ryan was doing. When I looked up again a moment later, the mysterious woman in the silver sequined skirt had disappeared. There was nowhere she could have gone - not into a car or into a shop - from where I'd seen her last, only a moment before. Weird.

After the con we had a picnic at Will Rogers State Beach in Pacific Palisades. It was the perfect way to spend the longest day of the year and the first official day of summer.

The last week of the month flew by in a flurry of taekwondo for Ryan and work for me. On the 29th I dropped Ryan off to be with his dad for the next month. That never gets easier. Luckily, I had my parents with me so the drive home wasn't so lonely.

So there, in a nutshell, is June. Oh! I forgot to mention that on June 4th Ryan and my dad and I went cherry picking. You can never have too many Leona Valley cherries. :)

Below are photos from the month. Enjoy!


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