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Tuesday, September 2nd 2014

11:05 AM


  • Random: I was also out with JoAnna and her parents quite a bit throughout the month.

It's already September. How'd that happen? Each month seems to go by even faster than the one before.

The last official month of summer went by in a blink. August got off to a very fun start with our camping trip to Yosemite. (You can read about that here and here.)

Two days after we got home from our trip, Ryan went back to his dad's for the remainder of summer. My parents came with me and we went to the beach on the way home.

The next day was my mom's birthday. We had a nice lunch out to celebrate.

Tuesday, August 12, JoAnna invited me to take a yoga class with her. I'm contemplating writing a separate entry on that alone. Let me just start off by saying I'm not exactly flexible. The class was wonderful, but it just about killed me. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck for the next several days! I think if I can ever find it within myself to hang in there, yoga would probably be good for me - if I survived.

Saturday the 16th, my parents and I went to the Tehachapi Mountain Fest. It was nice to get out and wander around. It was warmer than I thought it was going to be but there was plenty of shade. We noticed there were a lot fewer vendors than there had been during previous years. Only on our way out did we realize the vendors were spread out over several locations throughout town.

The following Monday and Tuesday, I went to the Antelope Valley Fair. (Thank you for the tickets, Jim!) Monday I went with JoAnna and her parents, and Tuesday I went with JoAnna and my dad. It was fun wandering around eating fair food, and checking out all the animals and exhibits.

Monday the 25th, my parents and I went to see the season 8 premier of Doctor Who at the movie theater. That was fun!

Wednesday the 27th, JoAnna and I got custard and wandered around The Blvd., enjoying the balmy evening and live music playing at the Bex Bandstand.

The next day, Joyce and Norm brought Ryan home! We celebrated with pretzels at the mall. It's wonderful to have my boy back home with me.

Sunday, my parents and Ryan and I went to the beach. I didn't take any pictures because I actually went in the water! The beach had a festive atmosphere, with more people than usual out in celebration of Labor Day.

Below are photos from the month. Enjoy!


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